Diètro's collab with Bassjackers at TML22

We are excited to share that Diètro was the only artist Bassjackers collaborated with on their EP ‘Les Pays Bass’. This special collaboration gave Diètro the chance to perform with Bassjackers at Tomorrowland and present their song ‘Arabian Nights Part 2’ to the general public. This proves that collaboration between artists can only enrich the music world and produce fantastic results.



Diètro is a young DJ who has made significant progress in the world of EDM and techno. He has released several tracks on the Smash The House label and collaborated with leading artists, such as Bassjackers, Angemi, and Wolfpack.

His unique sound and creativity have won over many hearts in the dance music industry. Last summer, he had the opportunity to share the stage with Bassjackers at Tomorrowland and present their collaborative track “Arabian Night Part 2” to a massive audience.

Diètro’s tireless dedication and passion for music are sure to lead him to even greater achievements. He is the star of tomorrow, shining today, and a name to watch out for in the EDM and techno scene.


Diètro brings your musical ideas to life.

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